Trump commits to selecting a Libertarian in his 2025 cabinet, senior posts

President Trump made a bold promise on Saturday night when he told the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, D.C., that he would commit to selecting a Libertarian for a cabinet position in a prospective 2025 administration, as well as Libertarians in senior post positions.

“I am committing to you tonight that I will put a Libertarian in my cabinet and also Libertarians in senior posts,” he said.

The news was received by a wild and loud crowd, which was interspersed constantly by loud chanting, cheering, and fist-raising.

Trump continued, “We have to get rid of the worst president in history and together, we will. And without [it], there’s a risk that we could have four more years – we won’t have a country left.”

Trump noted the importance of scoring the support of the Libertarian vote, which is worth three percent of the electorate.

“Or you can keep going the way you have for the last long decades…it’s time to be winners, you have a lot of common sense,” he pointed out.

The president asked for the Libertarian Party’s endorsement. He quipped, “Or at least, lots and lots of your votes!”

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