Trump confirms ‘100% true’ reports that he made a hole-in-one

HP2CCB President Donald Trump Photographed at Trump Links International Golf Course at Aberdeen Scotland.

Photo credit: Alamy

President Donald Trump confirmed on Monday that he scored a hole-in-one during a golf game on Saturday preceding his Save America rally in Commerce, Georgia.

“Many people are asking, so I’ll give it to you now, it is 100% true,” he said in a statement made through his Save America PAC.

“While playing with the legendary golfer, Ernie Els, winner of four Majors and approximately 72 other tournaments throughout the world, Gene Saurs, winner of the U.S. Open, Ken Duke, and Mike Goodes, both excellent tour players, I made a hole-in-one,” Trump continued.

Trump previously teased supporters while on stage during his Saturday rally, alluding to his hole-in-one. Now, the 45th president is somewhat humorously sharing an account of the event, which took place immediately before the Georgia rally.

“It took place at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump continued in his statement, “on the 7th hole, which was playing 181-yards into a slight wind. I hit a 5-iron, which sailed magnificently into a rather strong wind, with approximately 5 feet of cut, whereupon it bounced twice and then went clank, into the hole.”

Trump additionally joked that the tour players noticed the hole-in-one first because “their eyes are slightly better, but on that one hole only, their swings weren’t.” 

The president was in fine form during his Saturday rally, perhaps boosted by his hole-in-one from earlier in the afternoon. “I won’t tell you who won because I am a very modest individual,” he joked in his statement, “and you will then say I was bragging – and I don’t like people who brag!” 

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