Trump decries ‘rigged’ elections and ‘open borders’: ‘Welcome to America!’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

On Friday, President Donald Trump took a swing at the chaotic state of the country in a powerful statement posted to his Truth Social account.

“The Forgotten Men & Women of our Country are now being forced to endure crooked, rigged, and badly tainted Elections, and Open Borders that allow millions & millions of people to ‘invade’ our Country, totally unchecked, unvetted, and having no idea where they came from or who they are,” he said.

The 45th president added, “In other words, our Country is going to HELL!”

In early June, a massive new wave of international migrants reached the U.S. border near Yuma, Arizona. Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura said he witnessed 800 migrants swell over the border in 60 minutes – and Ventura’s report is just a snapshot of similar scenes in other border states.

In fact, the Washington Examiner reported that U.S. border officials had 234,088 encounters with illegal migrants attempting to seek entry into the U.S in April.

Conservative pundit and President of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk commented on Twitter that there were 239,416 illegal alien encounters at the southern border in May, per the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

 “No other country operates like this,” Kirk remarked. “America will not survive unless we end this invasion.”

According to a Fox News report, the CBP had 180,597 encounters in May 2021. By contrast, in May 2020, while President Trump was in office, there were only 23,237 encounters.

Additionally, as the southern border has remained unsecured and inflationary pressures have risen, the issue of election integrity remains at the forefront of many potential voters’ minds.

“Our economy is crashing, Inflation is crushing, Crime is raging, we are living with people who we have never seen before, and we have NO voice,” Trump decried in his Truth Social statement. “Welcome to America!”

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