Trump delivers powerful message in NC: ‘I WILL NEVER YIELD’

President Donald Trump stood strong and unflinching on Saturday evening during remarks delivered at the North Carolina GOP Convention in Greensboro, delivering a knockout blow to his political opponents.

“I put everything on the line,” he told the crowd. “I will never yield, I will never be deterred – I will never stop fighting for you.”

The crowd welcomed him warmly in North Carolina, just hours after he made an anticipated visit to Georgia, where he spoke at the Georgia State GOP Convention.

“…on November 5, 2024, we’re going to stand up to the corrupt political establishment –  we’re going to evict a totally corrupt president named Joe Biden from the White House and we’re going to FINISH THE JOB that we so successfully started,” he declared, drawing cheers from the audience.

Trump additionally touched on the danger of the Deep State and their corruption, noting that MAGA represented “an existential threat” to the small, elite group of politicians who have enriched themselves on the backs of hardworking American citizens.

On the subject of his upcoming indictment next week: “They just tried to stop our movement – they want to do anything they can do to thwart the will of the people,” he said. “It’s called election interference…and we’ve never seen it on a scale like this.”

He added that the ongoing duplicity in the American justice system “EXPOSES THEM for what they are and it’s also LIFTED the poll numbers [for him].”

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