Trump destroys Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal: ‘these are idiots we’re dealing with’

2AGGCPM President Donald Trump speaks during the "Merry Christmas" rally at the Kellog Arena in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Photo: Alamy

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, President Donald Trump slammed the Biden administration’s deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.

He tore into how the situation was handled, stating, “They left $85 billion worth of equipment. They left our American citizens behind.”

While it is true that President Trump ordered the withdrawal, per NPR, it was not carried out the way he would have planned if he were still president.

Explaining how this produced devastating effects, he said, “They moved the military out first, no you move the military out last.”

President Trump then described a “little skit” he did with a child where he asked a five-year-old what should be done first when leaving a hostile situation, and he noted that even the child knew that the military should be removed last.

Most recently the Biden administration blamed President Trump for the mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, via CBS News

But looking back, Biden’s top Afghanistan envoy resigned after the withdrawal due to harsh criticisms regarding the loss of American lives and equipment, according to RSBN

Meanwhile, President Trump’s historic peace deals and avoidance of new wars during his first term display a more consistent legacy. 

Regarding his successes, he said, “We didn’t have one soldier killed in 18 months.”

Then, he noted how Biden’s mishandling of the situation was “the single most embarrassing day in the history of our country.” 

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