Trump edges ahead of Biden in a key battleground state

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President Trump has edged ahead of Joe Biden in the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania, foreshadowing what will likely be a show of increasing electoral strength for the 45th president ahead of November.

According to a poll from Big Data, Trump has edged ahead of Biden in the Keystone State by two points, and in another poll from the Wall Street Journal, he has taken the lead by three points. An early March poll from Emerson College also showed Trump leading by four points.

This represents significant momentum for Trump in a state that is notoriously tricky for modern-day Republicans to win. Pennsylvania, like Wisconsin, remained a solid blue stronghold for the Democrats for two decades, starting in 1992. However, that streak ended in 2016 when President Trump netted a win there against Hillary Clinton.

In 2020, Biden supposedly won the state by a slim margin of just under two full points following three days of vote-count delays related to the chaos of mail-in ballots introduced during the Covid pandemic.

According to the Associated Press, Republicans balked at this elongated vote-counting process. Republican critics also offered fiery allegations that GOP poll watchers were “kept too far away from the tabulation in Philadelphia,” and that problems with counting mail-in ballots abounded – an argument that many concerned voters still wrestle with today.

In fact, a majority of American voters in 2024 believe that cheating will likely affect the general election in November, according to a recent poll from Rasmussen Reports. Their data found that 52 percent of Americans think that cheating will affect the final outcome of 2024, while 27 percent think it’s “very likely.”

With this in mind, it will remain integral for President Trump to maintain his growing lead in the Pennsylvania polls ahead of November. He explained succinctly in early March, “Republicans MUST WIN. We want a LANDSLIDE, we have to win. We have to win so that it’s TOO BIG TO RIG!”

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