Trump-endorsed Dan Cox WINS Maryland’s gubernatorial primary

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Dan Cox/Twitter

President Donald Trump’s pick for Maryland governor, Dan Cox, won the competitive Republican primary on Tuesday.

The New York Post reported that with 80 percent of ballots in, Cox received 56 percent of the vote, while the next closest candidate, former state Commerce Secretary Kelly Schultz, received only 40 percent of the vote.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “Congratulations to Dan Cox. NBC Fake News just called the race, but in this case, the reporting wasn’t Fake (for a change!).”

Cox, who has served as a Maryland state delegate, will now face the Democrats’ nominee in the November midterm elections.

Army veteran Wes Moore currently holds the lead in the Democrat primary race. However, the race is still too close to call as vote counting continues.

Before networks called the race for Cox, Trump shared another post on Truth Social, saying, “Wow! Trump Endorsed Dan Cox is doing really well tonight in seeking the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination from the Great State of Maryland.”

Trump slammed Maryland’s current Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, whose efforts have failed to boost Schultz, Cox’s competitor.

“RINO Larry Hogan’s Endorsement doesn’t seem to be working out so well for his heavily favored candidate,” Trump said. “Next, I’d love to see Larry run for President!”

Before Tuesday’s primary election, Trump urged the people of Maryland, “Get rid of Shutdown RINO Larry Hogan who is trying to get another RINO into office, Kelly Schulz.”

He also told them, “Dan Cox will be a great Governor.”

Trump-endorsed candidates continue to soar to victory in Republican primary elections across the nation despite opposition from the Republican establishment.

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