Trump FLAMES 2020 election fraud as ‘one of the greatest criminal acts ever’

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump flamed the 2020 presidential election for its shocking irregularities and reports of fraud, calling it a “horror show” that was “one of the greatest criminal acts ever.”

“That was the worst horror show, I think, one of the greatest criminal acts ever, the election of 2020, but we will turn that around…,” he said to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at the annual NRA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Friday.

“My young son, very young, saw a lot of wrongdoing in the election,” he quipped, speaking about his youngest child, Barron Trump.

The NRA Convention was filled to the brim with Trump supporters

He noted that because of the damage inflicted on the country by the Biden regime, “We’ll be able to do things that we could have never done.”

Trump attributed the legislative possibilities of his potential second term to the blatant exposure of how badly the far left’s policies have played out in the country today.

“We will show them, through this horrible four years that we’re going through…that we can do things…that you probably wouldn’t have been able to do,” he said.

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