Trump flames ‘radical left’ RFK Jr. for past ‘terror group’ comments about NRA

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump continued a line of attack on Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. while delivering remarks at the 153rd Annual NRA Meeting in Texas on Saturday night.

Speaking to a room of ardent law-abiding gun owners who are concerned about the protection of the Second Amendment, Trump laid out his argument against Kennedy’s “radical left” approach to policy.

Trump said, “RFK Jr. says bad, bad, things. He calls you a terrorist group and I call you the BACKBONE of America – that’s a big difference, wouldn’t you say?”

In February 2018, Kennedy wrote on X, “Parkland students are right; the NRA is a terror group[.]”

President Trump explained, “He’s radical left, he always has been – his family is ANGRY at him because he’s doing this.”

He noted that RFK Jr. was probably hurting Biden and taking some Democrat voters away from him in 2024. Trump further underlined the importance of getting the Libertarian vote this year, teasing his upcoming appearance at the Libertarian Convention next week.

“We have to join with them, because they give their three percent no matter WHO’S running,” he pointed out. “…We have to get that three percent!”

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