Trump Force One makes TRIUMPHANT return with inaugural flight to Texas

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump’s long-awaited Trump Force One jet made a legendary entrance during Saturday night’s Save America rally in Robstown, Texas.

Rallygoers were asked to look upward for an exciting surprise as Trump’s refreshed Boeing 757 soared into view.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the skies as Trump Force One makes its inaugural debut!” an announcer boomed. “Put your hands together, and let’s make some noise for our favorite president, Donald J. Trump!”

The flyover was heralded alongside the dramatic music from the film, “Air Force One.”

“He finally got it done!” Mike Lindell quipped while he was on-air with RSBN.

Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow and an ally of President Trump.

Per the Washington Examiner, Trump Force One went mostly unused during the 45th president’s time in the White House, when Air Force One was his primary mode of transportation. The re-emergence of Trump’s personal Boeing has been highly anticipated among supporters and fans.

On Saturday, Stephen Miller, a senior advisor to President Donald Trump, shared that he was “on the maiden flight of the newly-inaugurated Trump Force One with America’s greatest president!”

The epic flyover preceded anticipated remarks from President Trump during Saturday’s rally, drawing support for Lone Star State candidates ahead of a heated midterm election season.

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