Trump foreshadows likely historic ‘record’ Super Tuesday CLEAN SWEEP

President Donald Trump touted his incredible poll numbers and national support among Americans across the board on Monday evening, highlighting the need to return to America First policies.

The president’s comments were made during a special RSBN Monday evening preview of Super Tuesday at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

He elevated his polling numbers among Hispanic Americans, Black Americans, and women. According to a new poll from Fox News, Trump is handily holding on to 28 percent of the Black vote, and he is also doing very well with Hispanic voters (48 percent) and women (43 percent).

He explained, “You know what women want? They want security, they want safety. They don’t want to have wars, they don’t want their children going off to wars!”

On the subject of Super Tuesday, Trump projected resolute confidence. He said, “We’ve won everything [in the primary] in record numbers. Tomorrow, we could very well win every state in RECORD numbers…it’s so important because we have to send a signal.”

“If the projections are right, we’re going to win by a lot,” he added.

During his comments, he derided the open borders crisis and promised to seal it up again as the prospective president in 2025. “We’re going to TURN IT AROUND, we’re going to STOP it,” he remarked.

Earlier in his remarks, he also noted that the American people were “screaming for help” amid the horrific open border crisis and warned that “terrorists” and “rough people” were settling into America and shaping up to be quite a threat. “We’re going to have a level of crime…they’re fighters and they’re criminals and they’re drug deals,” he continued.

Concluding his thoughts on the issue of weaponization, he stated, “We’re going to WIN one way or the other.”

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