Trump: Founding documents are a ‘source of pride,’ not shame

President Donald Trump praised the unique privilege of freedom and individual liberty afforded to Americans while delivering the keynote address at the Heritage Foundation’s annual leadership conference in Amelia Island, Florida, on Thursday night.

“Our founding documents are not a source of shame; they are a source of pride,” he told the crowd. He added that America is “the greatest republic in the history of the world.”

Thursday’s event celebrated the Heritage Foundation’s work to ensure that American values and constitutional rights are protected, and President Trump was the guest of honor.

“In America,” he said, “the people don’t answer to the politicians – the politicians answer to the people.” He also noted that “law and order must be upheld without bias or prejudice.”

Trump’s speech hit on various topics ranging from the chaos of the southern border crisis to the founding principles that are “under assault” from the radical left. “We believe that the first duty of government is to protect and defend the interest of its own citizens. In other words, to put America First,” he stated.

Earlier this month, President Trump stated at a Save America rally in Selma, North Carolina, that the values of Americans were being “desecrated” and that the heritage of the United States was being “obliterated.”

The 45th president again returned to that same subject on Thursday, warning that this is a “dangerous” period of history for the country. “The word ‘nuclear’ is being thrown around like it’s candy,” he said solemnly. He later slammed the “fake” global warming crisis and referred to the possibility of nuclear war as “the real global warming.”

Humorously, President Trump encouraged the donors attending Thursday’s event to “shell out” to support the Heritage Foundation. “…Ultimately, it’s about the success of our country,” he said.

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