Trump goes after elite GOP donors: ‘They’re all Globalist and Pro China Losers’

2KDNW7E Vandalia, Ohio, USA. 7th Nov, 2022. Former President DONALD TRUMP addresses the crowd gathered at a rally in Vandalia, Ohio, Monday, Nov. 7, 2022, one day before the 2022 midterm elections. (Credit Image: © Jintak Han/ZUMA Press Wire)

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President Donald Trump made it clear in a recent statement posted to Truth Social that the mega-donors of the GOP are little more than “Globalist and Pro China Losers.”

Trump’s comments came as a response to a story from Mediaite. The outlet reported that former White House advisor and “War Room” host Steve Bannon had slammed billionaires like Charles Koch, who have signaled that they will not financially support President Trump’s 2024 presidential run.

“They’re never going to stand up,” he said on his show, per Mediaite. “Right? As soon as Trump’s hot they are going to back Trump as soon as Trump’s not hot, boom, gone. Right? And right now they are absolutely 1,000% anti-Trump.”

Trump commented on the story, “They’re all Globalist and Pro China Losers. Fought me in 2016 and lost big. They are all bad for the USA—America Last!”

A report from CNBC noted that an heir to the Estee Lauder dynasty, Ronald Lauder, recently decided against financially supporting Trump’s bid for president in 2024, along with Citadel CEO Ken Griffin and Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman.

Trump has been very vocal in his critique of those he calls “globalists,” smacking down underlying motivations of organizations like the Club for Growth, a PAC that the 45th president has recently nicknamed “Club for No Growth.”

He wrote on Truth Social over the weekend, “Who’s worse, The Globalist Club for NO GROWTH, the ‘Made more progress under Trump than I have in Five years’ Koch Brothers, or the ‘perverts’ at the failed and contaminated Lincoln Project? Answer: They’re all bad China loving Globalists who are destroying our Country!”

The ultra-wealthy donors who are attempting to distance themselves from Trump, oddly, have chosen to do so despite the president’s dominating poll numbers.

A recent survey from Big Village, for example, found that among Republican voters, Trump garnered a whopping 50 percent of support as the favored 2024 GOP presidential nominee compared to potential GOP presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who netted only 24 percent of support.

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