Trump hammers ‘RIGGED & STOLEN’ election in Georgia: ‘That is the CRIME!’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump hammered mainstream attacks that his 2020 phone call to the Georgia secretary of state was anything less than “perfect” in a new statement shared to Truth Social.

He wrote: “My phone call to the Secretary of State of Georgia, and a second call which the Marxists, Communists, Racists, and RINOS don’t even want to talk about, were ‘PERFECT’ calls. Many people, including lawyers for both sides, were knowingly on the line. I was protesting a RIGGED & STOLEN Election, which evidence proves it was. I won Georgia by a lot, but only needed a small number of votes from that total number. They cheated in many ways including STUFFING Ballots, ALL CAUGHT LIVE ON TAPE…”

As reported by RSBN, a special grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia, recently finished its investigation of the 2020 presidential election as well as President Donald Trump earlier this month.

On Tuesday, CNBC reported that Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis was slated to make a decision on whether she would charge Trump over his phone call made to the secretary of state’s office, in which he discussed problems related to the 2020 presidential election.

Trump further addressed the phone call in his statement:

“With many people on the line on what was a PERFECT call protesting the Rigged Georgia Election, which I have a clear right to do, and in fact an obligation to do since I made the call as President, how come not one person said, while on the call, that I acted inappropriately, or made a statement of protest at what I said, & then slammed down the phone. Not one, even with so many opposing people, lawyers, and others on the line. NO ADMONISHMENT at all. We nicely agreed to speak again….”

Trump noted that nothing was “done or said wrong.”

Willis has argued to keep the grand jury’s report sealed, via CNBC. Whether Trump will be charged is unclear, although it seems unlikely.

This is a developing story.

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