Trump has a Memorial Day prediction for 2025

by Grace Saldana

Photo: Alamy

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, President Trump issued an inspiring message of hope for the years to come.

“By Memorial Day 2025, our country will be roaring back,” he said in a video released Friday. “We’ll be well on our way to greatness like our country has never seen before!”

In the same video, the 45th president pointed out how inflation is impacting Americans gathering with friends and family this weekend.

“Everything is more expensive, a lot more expensive, actually, because of Joe Biden’s reckless policies…” he claimed. “This Memorial Day, gas prices are up 48 percent since Joe took office…food prices are up 18 percent, airline prices are up 48 percent, taxes are higher than ever…”

However, Trump promised, “Help is on the way.”

“I will unleash energy independence and we will bring the price of gasoline down immediately,” he continued.

If voters elect him, the 45th president vowed that he would restore greatness in America in 2025.

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