Trump heralds U.S. support for Israel, pledges to go after Palestinian terrorists on ‘DAY ONE’ of presidency

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump dug into his prediction from several weeks ago that violence would needlessly bloom across the Middle East in the wake of Joe Biden administration’s move to give $6 billion to Iran amid a disastrous hostage deal.

“Joe Biden betrayed Israel – he betrayed our country,” Trump stated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday evening, addressing the savage war that Hamas terrorists have launched against Israel.

The president continued, “As president, I will once again stand with Israel and we will cut off the money to Palestinian terrorists on day one.”

Trump called Biden a “poor sack of a president” and sadly predicted that he would lead the country into World War III, noting that we’ve “never been” closer.

“He tweaks the wrong people at the wrong time, he says the wrong thing at the wrong time if he says anything at all,” Trump remarked.

The 45th president also called the invasion of Hamas into Israeli territory “an act of savagery” that must be “crushed and avenged.”

“Israel is at war, and the United States MUST support Israel,” he pledged.

President Trump also noted that when he was in the White House, he brought peace to the Middle East by respecting Israeli sovereignty and brokering the Abraham Accords. “What a difference a president makes,” he commented.

Trump reminded Americans that as president, “I also stood proudly with our friend and ally, the state of Israel, and I will again.”

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