Trump was right about Biden’s hostage deal with Iran

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump warned the world less than a month ago of the dangers that would ensue as a result of Joe Biden’s “ridiculous” hostage deal with Iran. 

In September, Iran brokered an agreement with the Biden administration to grant America five imprisoned citizens in exchange for five Iranian prisoners. However, the mutual arrangement did not end with a balanced scale. Iran also requested that Joe Biden remove sanctions that prohibited the transfer of $6 billion in Iranian capital from South Korea to Qatar, to which Biden complied. 

In response, President Trump issued a clarion call to America to “buckle up” in preparation for disastrous consequences. The 45th president emphasized that the bad deal set a dreadful “precedent,” making conditions ripe for “terrible things” to happen.

Unfortunately, Trump’s proverbial warning has proven true with the war unfolding in the Middle East.

Following Joe Biden’s enrichment of Iran, Hamas, an Iranian-funded terrorist group, began wreaking havoc on the nation of Israel on Saturday.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, thousands of rockets rained down on the country’s southern and central regions. The unprovoked attack has resulted in hundreds of casualties and thousands of injuries thus far. Moreover, Israel Defense Force Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, confirmed reports that many Israelis have been captured and are presently held hostage. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war, and the Israel Defense Force has responded with deadly force against Hamas.

President Trump’s negotiation strategy is the polar opposite of Joe Biden’s. During his tenure in the White House, the Trump administration extracted “58 hostages” from various nations, including North Korea. In contrast to Biden, Trump did not offer a dime to settle the bargain. “Once you pay, you always pay,” stated Trump. 

Regarding the turmoil in Israel, Joe Biden’s “incompetence has led to this horrible attack,” Trump said.

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