Trump holds a solid lead in swing states

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

With the next presidential election coming up in November 2024, campaigns are in full swing. Following a poll taken by Echelon Insights, President Trump holds a solid lead in the swing states over Joe Biden.

The swing states, commonly referred to as the battleground states, are some of the most important states as voting can and historically go either way.

The current swing states are Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Typically, these states tend to have a higher voter turnout than other states. 

A poll from Echelon Insights looked at how the swing states would vote and who they would most likely vote for. 

The Washington Examiner reported the results: “48% of respondents in swing states would probably or definitely vote for Trump, compared to just 41% for Biden.”

However, it’s not just President Trump that Biden has to compete against within the swing states.

The Green Party’s Cornel West poses another threat to the Democrat frontrunner. The Echelon poll also found that West could potentially garner more support and take away votes from Biden by at least 4 percent. 

Political science professor at the University of Akron in Ohio, David B. Cohen, told Newsweek what West’s presidential campaign in the swing states could mean for Biden.

Cohen said, “There is always a danger a third-party candidate can impact the electoral college results, particularly if they receive enough votes in a battleground state or states to change the outcome. 

Cohen also added, “In a close election, Cornel West could well be a spoiler.” This would ensure President Trump keeps his lead in the swing states. 

It’s not just the swing states that President Trump currently leads.

Wion shared a survey taken by the analytics website FiveThirtyEight, which showed that Biden’s administration’s rating had scored 37.4 percent, whereas President Trump’s rating was at 51.9 percent.

Biden’s low rating may be due to the current Biden family corruption scandal and various unpopular policies. 

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