Trump is crushing Biden in two key swing states 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

A new poll that was released this week has shown how President Trump is crushing Joe Biden in the key swing states. 

InteractivePolls released a number of new polls that show President Trump is dominating the competition, both within the Republican Caucus and nationally. President Trump is leading in two important swing states, including Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Interactive Polls released the latest poll on X, showing President Trump jumping ahead of Biden with a two-point lead in Wisconsin. This puts him in first place with a 42 percent approval rating and Biden with a 40 percent rating.   

President Trump has also gained an impressive lead on Biden in the swing state of Pennsylvania, which also happens to be the state where Biden was born and won by 80,000 votes in 2020, according to the Daily Mail.

The poll, created by Emerson College, surveyed 430 voters via landlines and emails. The results showed that 45 percent of voters would vote for President Trump, whereas Biden only got a 36 percent approval. Out of the 430 voters, only 8 percent of them said they were undecided, giving President Trump time to persuade them. 

It’s not just in the swing states that President Trump is dominating in the polls. He has also taken the lead nationally. A poll taken by HarrisX and shared by The Messenger shows that nationally, President Trump is beating Biden by 4 points. According to the poll, President Trump has a 45 percent approval rate, and Biden is in second place with a 41 percent approval rate. To compare further, 86 percent of Republicans back President Trump, whereas Biden is backed by 81 percent of Democrats. 

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