Trump is working on a memoir that the left is ‘absolutely afraid’ of

President Donald Trump stunned audiences again on Monday when he announced in an interview with Lyndsey Keith on Newsmax that he is currently working on a memoir.

Just a few weeks after surprising his supporters with news of his first post-White House coffee table book, “Our Journey Together,” the 45th president has revealed that he has even bigger plans.

Keith asked Trump if Americans could expect a memoir from him soon. “Well, I’m writing it,” he confirmed. “…I’ve had a lot of bestsellers, as you know, and some number one bestsellers, and we’ve had some great success with books over the years.”

President Trump’s new coffee table book, which includes over 300 official White House photos, is releasing Dec. 7, and has already sold more than 100,000 copies ahead of its official release, according to a report from Breitbart. Additionally, many MAGA supporters have been anticipating a memoir from President Trump since January, and this new announcement will likely be very exciting for them.

“I am writing a book,” Trump continued in the interview. “And by the way, we do have great interest from publishers like you wouldn’t believe…the radical left is absolutely afraid.”

President Trump was dogged by political witch hunts during his time in office, from the now-debunked claims of Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election to the seemingly endless political persecution coming from the House Unselect Committee on Jan. 6. A memoir from Trump would give him the opportunity to discuss dogmatic media rumors and allegations about him, which is likely why he says that the “left” is “absolutely afraid” of how many books he could potentially sell.

President Trump’s photo memoir, “Our Journey Together,” is being published by Winning Team Publishing, a company created partly by Donald Trump Jr. and Sergio Gor. While it remains to be seen if President Trump’s upcoming memoir will be published through Winning Team or through another publisher, one thing is guaranteed, based on the success of presale orders for his photo memoir, President Trump’s future memoir will likely sell very well, and very fast.

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