Trump issues dire warning if Democrats were to win the midterms: ‘The maniacs will be totally out of control’

President Trump issued a dire warning to all Americans on Saturday night at a Save America rally in Minden, Nevada, encouraging voters to cast their ballots for Republicans in November. “If we do not defeat the radical Democrats in this election,” he said, “the maniacs will be totally out of control…and no one will be able to stop them.”

President Trump appeared in Minden to stump for a lineup of America First candidates, including Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who is running on the GOP ticket for governor of the Silver State.

“Republicans, you can prove once and for all that the Silver State is truly a red state,” Trump quipped, drawing chuckles and applause from the crowd.

In a speech that was heavy-handed in urging Nevadans to get to the polls and vote on election day, Trump advised, “If you want to see great things for this country and the real American Dream – and we’re bringing it back – you’re going to vote Republican up and down the line.”

He added, “This is a tipping point, and if we don’t get it right…” He trailed off ominously.

The 45th president offered more advice: “Best to vote on election day – it’s much harder for them to cheat that way!”

Trump’s speech touched on the DOJ’s corruption, Joe Biden’s “police state,” and the declining economy. With the midterms just weeks away, he focused strongly on urging supports to “storm” the polls in support of America First candidates.

“The only way evil will triumph is for good men and women to do nothing…that’s how they triumph,” he concluded.

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