Trump lays out stark difference between him and Biden: ‘I DID NOTHING WRONG, AND JOE DID’

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President Trump schooled critics on Sunday in a series of statements posted to Truth Social that dealt with the “new narrative from the Fake News Media” attempting to paint Biden’s alleged illegal handling of classified materials as insignificant.

Trump wrote:

“Page 1: The new narrative from the Fake News Media, virtually the same people that pushed the BIG LIE of Russia, Russia, Russia, only to go down in flames, is the even more ridiculous story that ‘what Biden did isn’t as bad as what Trump did.’ Number one, I did NOTHING wrong, have the right as President to ‘declassify,’ had documents in a secure place, put an extra lock on at Radical Left NARA’s request, and was dealing with NARA nicely, as per PRA & Socks, until the FBI broke into Mar-a-Lago..”

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee, with new Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, at the helm, officially launched an investigation into the situation surrounding the classified documents found at Joe Biden’s Penn Biden Center and in the garage of his private residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

Trump continued in his statement, “Page 2: Mar-a-Lago is a walled fortress, built with ‘unlimited’ money with the idea that it would one day be the Southern White House. I guess that turned out to be true! In addition to locks & a strong structural setting, I have security & Secret Service is there full time. Compare that to a flimsy garage, with NO SECURITY, & papers strewn all over the floor. Easy access for ANYONE! Also, he had them for 6 years in many different places. I ARRIVED to MAL with ‘papers’ AS PRESIDENT. Joe a VP…”

On Monday, the White House confirmed that Biden’s Delaware residence was also supposedly missing visitor logs, as reported by RSBN.

Trump concluded, “With all that has been stated on Pages 1 & 2 of Truth Social, and with all of the evidence leading to the fact that I DID NOTHING WRONG, AND JOE DID, our Nation has become an ‘Investigation Nightmare,’ despite the many other problems we have, which are many.”

He added that “NOW time for the USA to stop these RIDICULOUS INVESTIGATIONS, and that includes those D.C. inspired Local & State Which Hunts, and get back to the business of properly running our Country!”

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