Trump lays out weaknesses of DeSantis as 2024 race heats up

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump spoke with the press on Saturday evening aboard Trump Force One shortly after his first rally of the 2024 presidential campaign in Waco, Texas, sharing his thoughts on a potential presidential run from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

“But we’ve actually had…an incredible week,” he stated. “We’ve had an incredible three or four days. We’ve had the best polls we’ve ever had. Ron DeSanctimonious is crashing – they’re already looking for somebody to take his place; turned out to be a dud. And I don’t think he can come back from what I said. You know, you see the things I said.”

President Trump has previously criticized Gov. DeSantis for his leadership record on the Covid pandemic, Social Security, Medicare, and for a “public relations inspired battle with Disney.”

Trump’s Waco, Texas, rally this past weekend was massive.

When asked what he thought the governor’s biggest weakness is, the president shared his perspective.

“I think, a lot of weakness,” Trump said. “Number one he’s got no personality. That tends to be bad for a politician. But in addition to personal flaws, I think he’s got a real problem with the fact that he wanted to destroy Social Security. He was a disciple of Paul Ryan – remember the ‘wheelchair over the cliff Paul Ryan’ who cost Romney the election?”

Trump added, “…he’s got no personality and he voted to hurt Social Security and Medicare. I think anybody [who] votes to destroy Social Security – you know he wanted to raise the min age to at least 70 and maybe more – that’s a tough thing.”

Trump also pointed out that without his previous endorsement of the Florida governor, DeSantis would not be in office right now.

“He wouldn’t be a governor right now,” he stated. “You know where he’d be right now? Probably working either at a cigar store or a law firm, one or the other. But he wouldn’t be governor if it wasn’t for me.”

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