Trump lends his support to Daniel Cameron in his bid for Kentucky governorship

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump has lent his support to the Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate, Daniel Cameron, as the Nov. 7 Election Day looms imminently on the horizon.

Cameron, who won the state’s GOP primary election in May, was endorsed by President Trump in the primary, and he has strongly held his support for the Kentucky candidate ever since.

As reported by RSBN, during his primary victory speech, Cameron declared, “The Trump culture of winning is alive and well in Kentucky.”

In a special video shared to Cameron’s profile on X, President Trump explained, “He is strong, reliable, and loves your state and our nation. Daniel is a tremendous fighter on crime, lowering taxes, saving our Second Amendment, stopping inflation, and of course, helping our great military and our vets – we love our vets.”

He added that Cameron was a strong supporter of law enforcement and would push back on the transgender movement that has caused an incursion of biological males participating in women’s sports.

Further, Trump said that Cameron “fully supports our teachers and getting our children caught up from the massive learning loss caused from Beshear’s educational policies which have been a disaster for Kentucky.”

The president was referring to incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear, D-Ky., who is running head-to-head against Cameron in the race for the governor’s seat. In a Nov. 1-2 poll of the state’s gubernatorial election, Data for Progress found that Cameron trailed Gov. Beshear by just two points (50 percent against 48 percent), making it a remarkably tight race.

Trump’s endorsement in this race has carried considerable weight in Kentucky, which has historically been a traditional “red’ state.

Cameron was also endorsed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who called him a “strong conservative who will help secure the border in Biden’s absence.”

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