Trump makes an important endorsement in Texas

2PH3F50 Arlington, United States. 25th Mar, 2023. Former President Donald J. Trump announces his 2024 Presidential campaign at a rally at Waco Regional Airport in Waco, Texas on Saturday March 25, 2023. Photo by Ian Halperin/UPI Credit: UPI/Alamy Live News

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President Donald Trump has endorsed David Covey for Texas House District 21 against incumbent Dade Phelan, the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

Trump noted in a post to Truth Social on Tuesday that Covey is running against current Phelan, who “led the Fraudulent Impeachment of the recently re-elected, in a landslide, Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton.”

President Trump praised Covey, noting that he is an “America First Conservative who will Secure the Border, Restore Election Integrity, Protect our Families and Military/Vets, and Defend our under siege Second Amendment.”

He also added that Covey “will never let you down!”

David Covey’s campaign website discusses the issues important to him. Notably, he believes that the influx of illegal immigrants at the southern border is a “public safety crisis” that needs to end.

The candidate posted about this on X, stating, “We are in the middle of a constitutional crisis.” 

Covey called out Phelan for “sitting on his hands not taking any action to defend Texas.”

“We expect strong leadership that says we need to stand up and defy the federal government and do what it takes to make Texas safe,” he added. 

He concluded, “We just need the political courage to do what’s right.”

Trump’s endorsement comes as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has refused to remove razor-wire protecting the border after the Supreme Court ruled that Texas does not have the authority to overrule the federal government’s border policy, which has allowed millions of illegal immigrants to pour into the nation, per RSBN.

In addition to his stance on the border crisis, Covey is determined to fight for election integrity by punishing election fraud “to the full extent of the law” via his website.

He supports the Second Amendment and is also determined to protect medical freedom, as well as a baby’s right to life from conception.

His dedication to families includes a plan to fight against youth gender surgery and woke ideologies being taught in schools while ensuring that parental rights and school choice are protected, per his website.

After receiving President Trump’s endorsement, Covey posted to X and said, “Honored to have the complete and total endorsement of President Donald J. Trump.”

He called out his opponent for being “America Last” and concluded, “Southeast Texas is Trump Country and we won’t let you down, Mr. President.”

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