Trump makes election night appearance, touts UNBELIEVABLE endorsement record

by Summer Lane

President Trump made a special appearance at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night, speaking to the media and offering an election update on several key races across the country.

Trump pointed out, “We had a total of 330 endorsements… 224 out of 330…that’s a pretty good number.”

He added, “As of this moment…we are 80 wins and 3 losses, is that good?”

The president also added that at that moment, many of his endorsed candidates had taken commanding leads, including GOP U.S. Senate nominee in Ohio, JD Vance, Republican Senate nominee for Georgia, Herschel Walker, Missouri Attorney General and GOP U.S. Senate candidate in Missouri, Eric Schmitt, and the Republican Senate nominee for North Carolina, Ted Budd.

“Wouldn’t that be funny if we were better [on] the general election than in the nominations?” Trump quipped with a knowing grin.

The president also invited the press in attendance to “enjoy that, enjoy the food, and enjoy everything…it is a great media to have the media with us, we hope you enjoy yourselves…. They’re not the nicest people in the world but they are brilliant, financially.”

He concluded, “Again, to the media, thank you very much. Have a good time.”  

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