Trump masterfully secures spotlight AGAIN from beleaguered GOP debaters

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump masterfully stole the show yet again on Wednesday night in Florida at an overflowing MAGA rally in Hialeah, while distant and beleaguered Republican candidates argued onstage during a third GOP debate in Miami.

President Trump refuted accusations that he didn’t have the “courage” to participate in the third debate, noting, “Listen, I’m standing in front of TENS OF THOUSANDS of people right now and it’s on television…that’s a hell of a lot harder to do than a debate!”

The crowd cheered in response.

Trump also called on the Republican establishment to quit wasting their time and their resources on lesser candidates who had no chance of winning.

To put things in perspective, President Trump is leading in the GOP primary race in Florida, which is the home state of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., by a whopping 39 points (The University of Northern Florida’s Public Opinion Research Lab).

Nationwide, Trump is poised to powerfully sweep the general election against Joe Biden. A new mainstream poll from The New York Times even showed Trump leading Biden in five out of six swing states – a significant margin that could result in more than 300 electoral votes in the 2024 election for Trump next year.

“The country’s going to hell, and you know it and we know and I hate to say it,” Trump remarked, pointing out the degrading state of America under the leadership of Joe Biden.

Preceding his remarks, Trump was endorsed onstage by Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R), who slammed the left for “doubling down on crazy.”

She added, “I am so proud to endorse my former boss, my friend, and everybody’s favorite president – Donald J. Trump.”

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