Trump mugshot merch leads to big fundraising spike

2RKBWWR Former President Donald J. Trump has been arrested and booked at the Fulton County (GA) Jail. Upon booking, Trump was assigned Inmate Number P01135809. Before his surrender, Trump was granted a $200,000 bond by the court. Trump will be using a metro Atlanta bonding company - Foster Bail Bonds LLC - to cover the cost of his $200,000 bond in Fulton County. Trump is charged with violating the state?s RICO act and was booked on 13 state felony charges for his attempts to reverse his 2020 election loss in Georgia. (Fulton Co. Sheriff?s Office Photo)

Photo: Alamy

After having his mugshot taken for his fourth questionable indictment, President Donald Trump began selling merchandise featuring the famous photo, and fundraising sales have spiked.

According to Fox News, President Trump has raised $9.4 million since having his mugshot taken last week alone. 

A large portion of these funds were raised through mugshot merchandise. 36,000 t-shirts, 24,000 mugs, and 8,600 posters have been sold. In total, this has raised nearly $3 million for the Trump campaign.

The timing of the charges brought against President Trump and the basis for them has continuously been decried by supporters as “election interference.” 

President Trump himself agrees that the situation is concerning. On Monday, he posted to social media calling Joe Biden “the worst and most corrupt President in the history of the United States.” 

He also maintains that these criminal cases are “all for the sake of Election Interference.”

America First supporters agree as they offer their support by purchasing President Trump’s mugshot gear on his website, which states, “Never surrender,” beneath his mugshot. 

The “Never Surrender” slogan took off after President Trump posted to X for the first time since it rebranded from Twitter, where he was banned in 2021. 

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