Trump: ‘Our country has become the laughingstock of the world’

by Joshua Perry

45th President Donald Trump ripped into Democrats in a statement released on Friday, emphasizing that “Our country has become the laughingstock of the world,” because of the Biden administration’s liberal policies.

Highlighting the counterproductivity of the Democrat Party, Trump said, “Democrat politicians spend 99% of their time fighting Republicans.”

Trump hammered Democrats, who are hellbent on doing the opposite of conservatives for the sake of opposition, for their extravagant spending, stating they spend “no time thinking about making our country great.”

The statement follows a victorious Tuesday night for the Republicans, specifically for President Trump, where four of his endorsed candidates won their elections. Keynoting the list of achievements is Governor-elect of Virginia Glenn Youngkin who defeated the Democrat former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe.

In detailed critique, Trump added that if Democrats “Would spend half of that energy fighting China, Russia, Iran, and even the European Union,” that America “Would go back to greatness again.”

Known for being tough on countries like China with his competitive international trade policy, Trump alluded to the failings of the Biden administration for removing all tariffs imposed on countries that take advantage of Biden’s weak trade legislation.

President Trump underscored the Democrat Party’s fragility with foreign countries stating that they are, “Weak with everybody, except conservatives.” Acting contrary to policies that prioritize the well being of Americans, Trump concluded, “Our country has become the laughingstock of the world.”

In the fight to “Save America,” President Trump’s new rally slogan, it is clear that his influence within the Republican Party is still the leading voice among the conservative base. In response to all four of his endorsees winning their most recent elections, GOP Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, said, “President Trump continues to be a huge boost for Republicans across the country.”

As the midterms approach, Trump is as committed as ever to “Making America Great Again.”

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