Trump pledges to ‘propel that spirit of July 4th, 1776’

2K5YHMB Huge Rally in Mesa, Arizona as many Arizona republicans wait all morning long to catch their Republican candidates sharing the stage.

Photo: Alamy

President Trump concluded his Independence Day celebration by invoking the spirit of America’s founders. He said, “We will propel that spirit of July 4th, 1776.” 

He called 2024 “our final battle,” and noted that, “It was hard-working patriots like who built our country.” 

He praised supporters stating, “The great silent majority is rising like never before.”

President Trump addressed the current challenges facing the nation and said, “Nothing like this has ever happened in our country.”

Acknowledging the Americans before him, he also promised, “Under our leadership, the forgotten men and women will be forgotten no more.”

He concluded by declaring:

“We will make America powerful again!

We will make America wealthy again!  

We will make America strong again! 

We will make American proud again!

We will make America safe again! 

And We will make America great again!”

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