Trump praises ‘Brave Patriot Sheriff’ for investigating Wisconsin election fraud

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President Trump praised Sheriff Christopher Schmaling of Racine County, Wis. for shedding light on evidence of staggering election fraud in a press conference on Friday.

Wisconsin, one of the key battleground states in the 2020 presidential election, has been a hotbed of reported election irregularities and the subject of several investigations.

Sheriff Schmaling announced last week that he would be unveiling the results of an “extensive investigation with implications throughout Racine County and Wisconsin.”

The press conference, which was open to all members of the media, revealed shocking information, ranging from election officials’ conspiratorial Zoom meetings regarding election law violations to horrifying stories of elder abuse, which resulted in voter theft.

Trump responded to the press conference in a statement:

“…Take a look at what happened yesterday in Racine, Wisconsin, where a brave Patriot Sheriff and his staff found fraud and criminal activity with regard to what took place with ballot harvesting and other things in nursing homes, which the Wisconsin Election Commission ordered to be done throughout the state. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Additionally, a brand new report from an investigation conducted by the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) in Wisconsin identified 44,272 illegal and “indefinitely confined” votes without voter ID.

Furthermore, a seven percent sample of mail-in ballots were “missing information required by law, and therefore should not have counted, which would amount to 32,431 illegal ballots.” Keep in mind that Joe Biden’s margin of victory in Wisconsin was just over 20,000 votes.

Shockingly, Schmaling’s report also included damning written and video evidence of Wisconsin Election Committee (WEC) officials discussing their need for “flexibility to violate the law,” and to “instruct county clerks to break the law.” Other alleged offenses included voting 5-1 to suspend following voting laws and suggesting using “technology” to circumvent election law.  

Sheriff Schmaling’s press conference was especially disturbing in light of the abuse reported in the Ridgewood Care Facility, a nursing home for the elderly in Racine County.

According to the Sheriff’s report, election workers allegedly cast ballots on behalf of nursing home residents who were cognitively or physically impaired. Even worse, WEC officials and nursing home administrators apparently allowed Door Dash delivery drivers and copy machine vendors into the nursing homes in Wisconsin, but would not allow Special Voting Deputies inside the care facility.

These deputies are trained to make sure no elderly abuse is taking place in regard to their voting rights. Why did the WEC deny these deputies access into the nursing homes?

According to the Sheriff Schmaling and his staff, there are 11 nursing homes in Racine County, and they believe that this type of election abuse occurred in all of them.

Sheriff Schmaling’s presentation to the media regarding his staff’s findings on the WEC and the reported election and elderly abuse that occurred in the Ridgewood Care Facility courageously outlined evidence of election fraud that is beginning to stack higher and higher in the state of Wisconsin.

His investigation, coupled with the new reports from the LAB, as well as the Senate investigation into Mark Zuckerberg’s allegedly dubious election interference in the state, is indicative of what appears to be a state and nationwide conspiracy to rig presidential election results in battleground swing states.

Sheriff Schmaling concluded his press conference with the following statement:

“The attorney general should launch an immediate investigation into the WEC and the harm that they have done to these individuals, and restore some level of integrity and trust back into our election system. As I mentioned at the beginning of my comments, at the end of the day, we all want to have fair elections. We all want to make certain that our vote counts. And when people break the law, we all want them held accountable.”

For the sake of maintaining faith in the election system in Wisconsin – and the country – Americans can only hope that perpetrators of reported election crimes will indeed be held accountable for their actions if proven.

The people of Wisconsin will be watching very closely to see if Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul will heed Sheriff Schmaling’s request for an immediate investigation into the staggering election irregularities and claims of abuse that took place during the 2020 presidential election.

Watch the entire press conference here on RSBN.

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