Trump presents plan to utilize ‘Impoundment’ power to stop Deep State

2D7XPK7 U.S. President Donald Trump walks across the South Lawn of the White House as he boards Marine One in Washington, D.C., U.S. on Thursday, January, 30, 2020. Credit: Alex Edelman/The Photo Access

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President Donald Trump presented a multi-pronged plan on Tuesday to wipe out government waste and rising inflation in a new Agenda47 policy pitch, laying out the details of how he would utilize a tool called “Impoundment” to reach his goal.

He explained:

“Very simply, this [Impoundment] meant that if Congress provided more funding than was needed to run the government, the president could refuse to waste the extra funds, and instead return the money to the general treasury and maybe even lower your taxes – although we did give you the biggest tax reduction in history, and the biggest regulation reduction in history, two things I am very proud of.  And they still are there, although they are disappearing rapidly under Biden. “

Trump explained that many other presidents had used this strategy to slash government overspending, noting that it was nixed in 1974 with the Impoundment Control Act of 1974.

He continued, “This disaster of a law is clearly unconstitutional—a blatant violation of the separation of powers. When I return to the White House, I will do everything I can to challenge the Impoundment Control Act in court, and if necessary, get Congress to overturn it. We will overturn it.”

President Trump additionally promised to take the following steps to get Washington’s spending craze under control:

  • Utilize Impoundment power to “squeeze the bloated federal bureaucracy for massive savings,” which he described as a “form of tax reductions” that will help reduce inflation,
  • Order federal agencies “to identify large chunks of their budgets that can be saved through efficiencies and waste reduction using Impoundment,”
  • Protect benefits for seniors by maintaining Social Security and Medicare programs,
  • Use Impoundment to restore “critical negotiating leverage with Congress.”

Trump said that the “ONLY” way to return the U.S. to a sane, balanced budget was to utilize the power of Impoundment because it would give Republicans a “crucial tool with which to obliterate the Deep State, drain the swamp, and starve the warmongers – these people want wars all over the place; killing, killing, they love killing – and the globalists out of government.”

He reiterated that Impoundment would enable him to “simply choke off the money” that funds the endless wars and reckless spending fueled by Congress.

He concluded, “This policy is anti-inflation, anti-Swamp, anti-globalist—and it’s pro-growth, pro-taxpayer, pro-American, and pro-freedom. I alone can get that done. I will get it done and Make America Great Again.”

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