Trump projects his own win in Nevada

Following a massive win in New Hampshire, President Trump celebrated his victory against former S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley while speaking to supporters at his victory party in Nashua.

Standing alongside opponents-turned-endorsers businessman Vivek Ramaswamy and S.C. Sen. Tim Scott, Trump took aim at his chief rival for her decision to snub Nevada, the next primary state, to move along to South Carolina.

Trump remarked, “I did hear Nikki say, ‘And now it’s off to South Carolina,'” mocking her decision to snub Nevada.

“Well, I love South Carolina,” said Trump. “She forgot one thing. Next week it’s Nevada.”

Trump then suggested that Haley decided to skip the state due to her low polling numbers, saying that her campaign had “looked at it” and “took polls” but then “decided not to play in Nevada.”

“And I’m pleased to announce we just won Nevada,” he concluded. “100 percent, because all of them—they looked at it—and they took polls, and I was polling at 95 percent to four or five percent, and they decided not to play in Nevada.”

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