Trump promised to bring back ‘Merry Christmas’ in 2015, and he kept that promise

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

In 2015, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump told Americans at a Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., that if he were elected president, the phrase “Merry Christmas” would make a comeback.

According to a 2015 article from BPR, Trump told the crowd, “Remember the expression ‘Merry Christmas?’ You don’t see it anymore. You’re going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you right now.”

Today, Americans can retroactively look at the policies and political moves of the Trump administration and clearly see that the 45th president of the U.S. kept his promise to voters.

In a 2017 piece written for Fox News, Todd Starnes thanked President Trump for “bringing ‘Merry Christmas’ back to the White House,” citing the stark contrast between the Trumps and the Obamas. Per his article, he stated that during the first year of the Obama administration, the First Family reportedly considered getting rid of the White House nativity “for the sake of inclusivity,” he wrote.

Trump, on the other hand, went so far as to send out presidential Christmas cards with the simple but endearing words “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” emblazoned boldly for all to see.

An article from the Daily Caller during the early days of Trump’s campaign noted that Trump told Yellowhammer Radio with Cliff Sims that he saw society’s affront toward using the word “Merry Christmas” as “an assault on anything having to do with Christianity.” He added, “They don’t want us to use the word Christmas anymore at department stores…I go out of my way to use the word ‘Christmas.’”

Many Americans are likely attuned to the fact that Christmas has been seriously detuned in the U.S. What was once a hallowed Christian holiday has become increasingly marketed, materialized, and secularized.

According to a 2017 article from Snopes, former President Obama’s Christmas cards never included the words “Merry Christmas,” although he was not the only president to omit the term. Snopes pointed out that presidents like Herbert Hoover and even Ronald Reagan sent out cards using more secular phrases like “season’s greetings.”

Trump’s 2015 comments about Christmas were made in this speech.

Trump, however, drew a line in the sand when it came to heralding the Christian-Judeo values of America’s heritage.

Via the New York Post, in a 2021 Newsmax interview with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Trump stated, “When I started campaigning, I said, ‘You’re going to say “Merry Christmas” again.’ And now people are saying it…That was a big part of what I was doing, I would say it all the time during that period … I tell you, we brought it back very quickly.” 

Trump deserves credit for emphasizing the importance of the word “Christmas.” Evangelical Christians of America and people of faith, in general, should be able to recognize that Trump provided an overwhelmingly receptive course of leadership when it came to the values and ideas of Christianity.

While society and political culture has moved slowly toward a sanitized idea of the holiday system, Trump brought the reason for the season to the forefront of the nation’s focus.

The president added in his 2021 interview with Newsmax that “America loves Christmas,” and that it didn’t matter what faith denomination you belonged to – “Merry Christmas” was something that everybody used to say until culture shifted.

In 2022, although the Biden administration’s destructive policies have cast a dark shadow across the landscape of American hopes of dreams, citizens of the U.S. can take heart and recall better, happier days under Trump’s leadership.

What’s more, Americans can look forward to another 2024 presidential bid from Trump, and they can be sure that he will bring the holiday focus back to Christmas where it belongs if he reclaims the White House.

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