Trump promises to secure the Texas border and beyond

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump accepted a formal endorsement from Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, on Sunday after he and the president spent time visiting with service members at the southern border in Edinburg.

President Trump shook the hand of every service member in the building and took the time to speak with them, preceding the governor’s official endorsement, which was delivered outside in front of a crowd of supporters.

“We’re going to make the governor’s job very easy,” Trump said, referring to how quickly he would secure the southern border amid a prospective 2025 presidential administration.

He also thanked the governor for his endorsement, adding, “I’m honored by the governor’s endorsement, that’s a big endorsement.”

Trump warned that by the end of Joe Biden’s administration, he believed that there would be 15 million people in the United States who have immigrated across the border illegally. “…And many of those people, you don’t want them in the country,” he said.

Trump added. “We [the Trump administration] had it fixed. The ranchers and people who owned homes along the border…and now they say it’s the worst that anybody’s ever seen.”

Before he concluded his remarks, Trump vowed to “make America great again” and vowed that with his administration in 2025, nobody would have to worry about border security again.  

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