Trump reacts to gag order issued following his Manhattan ‘show trial’ verdict

While speaking to supporters in Philadelphia on Saturday, President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden’s “desperate” attempts to supposedly weaponize the Justice Department against his chief opponent, saying that this “persecution” was “only happening because I am running for president, and leading in every single poll.”

“The rigged case in New York was not a legitimate indictment. It was a Biden indictment,” said Trump. “Every single legal scholar—every one of them,” he added, “said there was no case.”

He added, “That’s why when they went through my case, my poll numbers went up instead of down.”

“It was all set up by Crooked Joe, and his weaponized Department of Justice,” said Trump, who insisted that “not one” of the “great” legal scholars said there was even a case in the Manhattan “show trial” from May.

Speaking to the judge, the 45th president called him “horrendous,” alleging that he was hand-picked by the Democrats to spearhead the case against him in a manner which was unprecedented.

“I had a judge who was horrendous,” said Trump. “He was appointed by the Democrat machine. He didn’t win a vote. Normally you have to win a vote—he was appointed—and I’m not allowed to talk about it because I have a gag order,” preventing him from even refuting the case.

The 45th president then joked that if he was ever asked a question regarding the case, that he legally could not respond, saying, “Sir, I won’t be able to answer that. I have a gag order.”

Per RSBN, Trump was found “guilty” in May on 34 felony counts related to the alleged falsification of business records, and is currently making efforts to appeal the case.

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