Trump reflects on ‘magnificent’ SEVEN YEAR anniversary of 2016 presidential victory

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump put on an incredible patriotic show on Wednesday night in Hialeah, Florida, providing impressive counterprogramming to the beleaguered third Republican debate taking place in Miami at the same time.

Preceded onstage by Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R), who endorsed him just moments before he stepped on the podium, the crowd packed into a large venue, charged with electric anticipation ahead of the president’s appearance.

President Trump reflected on his presidential victory seven years ago, which dealt a crushing defeat to then-Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

He declared, “Just think of it, seven years ago tonight on November 8, 2016, the American people delivered the greatest election victory probably that the world has ever seen!”

Trump called that moment in history a “magnificent day” that crushed the dreams of Hillary Clinton but also “smashed the grip of the globalists, the warmongers, the open borders lobby, the outsourcers, and all of the leeches that have been sucking the life and blood out of our country for years and years.”

He continued, “We will NEVER stop fighting to SAVE THE AMERICA THAT WE LOVE.”

Trump also strongly encouraged the people of Florida to vote against encroaching communism by voting “Crooked Joe Biden” and every last Democrat “OUT OF OFFICE.”

“This race is not just about Crooked Joe, it’s about defeating the entire rotten, corrupt, and tyrannical establishment that we have in Washington, D.C.,” he concluded. “…Stand with me as we fight – we will finish the job we started.”

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