Trump remains wildly popular among GOP voters

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump remains extremely popular among Republicans, according to the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll released Tuesday.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump shared the results of a statewide Alabama poll of GOP voters. The results show Trump with an impressive 90 percent approval rating among Republicans. Additionally, the poll shows that 70 percent of Republicans strongly approve of the 45th president.

The McLaughlin & Associates poll results are yet another reminder that Trump continues to be a powerful force in the Republican Party.

While the 45th president remains wildly popular with most of the Republican Party, Biden has grown increasingly unpopular among all groups, including his base. A poll released Wednesday by the Morning Consult shows that Biden’s approval rating sits at a dismal 39 percent.

Pointing out the latest approval rating comparison between Trump and Biden by the Morning Consult, Interactive Polls noted, “Trump was markedly more popular at a similar point in his presidency” with a 12 percent net difference.

This difference between Trump’s approval rating during this point in his presidency and Biden’s current approval rating highlights the massive problems facing the United States under the Biden administration.

With skyrocketing energy prices, the prolonged war in Ukraine, baby formula shortages, rampant inflation, rising crime, and many other issues, not even a serious course correction could deter the “red wave” coming in the November midterm elections.

“It is being stated by almost all that Joe Biden is the worst President in history,” wrote Trump in a scorching post on Truth Social Wednesday. “If inflation is not quickly rained in,” Trump added, “he may go down as an equal combination of Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.”

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