Trump remembers the pandemic response and blasts Cuomo

2H7WB60 President Donald Trump speaks to reporters during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House July 21, 2020 in Washington.

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The pandemic response is still a hot topic for Americans as many conflicting reports continue to be released. When discussing 2020 in the second half of his interview with Mark Levin, President Donald Trump noted former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s lack of proper leadership in New York. 

President Trump described how Cuomo ignored multiple options available and placed sick individuals in nursing homes. This led to the highest rate of nursing home deaths in the U.S., according to the New York Post.

President Trump proudly stated, “I let the governors run their states.” He also mentioned how he worked to provide a Navy ship for Cuomo to house and care for sick individuals throughout the pandemic, but it was not used. 

The Department of Defense reported that the USNS Comfort was a 70,000-ton ship with 12 operating rooms and a 1,200-member crew. There was plenty of room for patients but the New York Times called it a “joke” after only 20 patients were transferred to it.

President Trump also discussed how he worked to have the Javits Center utilized as a hospital, but Cuomo did not utilize this resource either.

Although public interest in charging Cuomo for his role in escalating nursing home deaths was high and remains an area of interest, he was never charged. Instead, he resigned amid sexual harassment allegations, according to The Hill.

While the effects of hasty pandemic responses are still affecting Americans today, President Trump did praise the governors who handled the situation well. He said, “We had governors that did a fantastic job.”

He mentioned South Carolina, Tennessee, and South Dakota, stating, “Numerous Republican governors kept their states open, and frankly, the numbers were better than if you’d closed.” 

President Trump praised the Army Corps of Engineers for their ability to transform facilities into hospitals quickly. But he also noted that the Covid-19 outbreak was full of uncertainty. 

Not only did he criticize Cuomo’s deadly decisions, but he reminded Americans of China’s role in unleashing the virus and causing chaos. 

He has recently declared that he will seek reparations from China for the pandemic, according to RSBN

At the end of his interview, President Trump looked back on the pandemic and stated, “That was a very tough period for our country.”

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