Trump: ‘Republicans will defund the cartels,’ not police

On the eve of the Nov. 8 midterm elections, President Donald J. Trump stopped off in Vandalia, Ohio, to rally support for local Republican candidates, stressing that they would be tough on crime.

“The choice this election is simple,” Trump said. “ Democrats will defund the police; Republicans will defund the cartels.”

Noting that the drug cartels’ revenues have increased by 2,500 percent since he left office, the 45th president continued: “Under my leadership, we waged war on the cartels, we ended catch and release, we stopped asylum fraud, and we threw illegal alien gang members out of our country by the thousands.”

Crime in general has been on the rise nationally since Trump left office last year — a problem Trump has promised to address as part of his plan to restore America’s greatness.

Among his proposals to do so Monday was doubling the number of Customs and Border Patrol agents and making drug dealers eligible for the death penalty.

“We are going to Make America Great Again,” he vowed, “and we are going to do it, [but] first, we have to Make America SAFE Again.”

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