Trump rips Biden’s inflation and energy policies ahead of Thanksgiving

President Trump blasted Joe Biden on economic and energy policies on Sunday night’s exclusive interview with Mark Levin, host of Life, Liberty and Levin.

“I said your gasoline will go to seven dollars [if Biden gets in],” Trump commented on the issue of inflation in America today. He continued, “And then it [gas] will go much higher – that’s exactly happening. I knew what they were going to do but they lied during all of this. They didn’t say they were going to close up the oil industry.”

The 45th president also pointed out that he did something that not even President Ronald Reagan could do, which was getting oil and gas leases through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) approved during his presidency, which significantly increased America’s energy independence.

However, soon after taking office Joe Biden suspended those oil and gas leases in ANWR with an executive order in the name of combating climate change. Perhaps unsurprisingly, gas and oil prices have continued to skyrocket astronomically across the United States as Biden continues to undo Trump’s previously rock-solid America-first policies.

“I got it done,” Trump continued, referring to the ANWR deals. “Most of the others didn’t try, Bush was too busy getting us into a stupid war…nobody could believe it, and I got it done, and they just ended it….when I left, we were bigger [oil-wise] than Russia and Saudi Arabia, in one year, we would have been bigger than both combined.”

Levin went on to bring up the issue of hyper-inflation in the American economy. “You look at inflation,” Levin commented, “you look at the open border, look how this president, Biden, sold out to Russia on the pipeline, you look how he’s buckling to communist China…two things seem to be going on. Whatever Donald Trump did, he [Biden] wants to reverse, and then, when it collapses, he blames Donald Trump.”

Trump soundly responded, “You don’t see about making our country great anymore, you don’t see about factories opening. All you see and all you hear is about the environment.”

And he is right about that – most of Joe Biden’s decisions to cease drilling and oil leases on American soil have been done on the basis of environmentalist claims, such as combating climate change by ceasing the ANWR oil and gas leases.

In November, the consumer index report for the month of October showed that inflation in America was surging, despite Biden’s supposed promise to “Build Back Better.” In fact, inflation, sometimes called “Bidenflation” by critics of Biden’s disastrous economic policies, has raised prices across America by at least 6.2 percent, making it the worst inflation spike in more than 30 years, as previously reported by RSBN.

Levin went on to point out in the interview that America did not have supply chain problems when Trump was in the White House, unlike the issues we are having now with delayed shipping times and ports across America piled high with unopened shipping containers. “You know, when they drove up energy the way that they did, that alone causes tremendous inflation,” Trump said. “It’s such a big component…it’s very sad, it’s very incompetent.”

As Americans are getting ready to head into a very busy holiday season, many are left scratching their heads at the astronomical prices on food, gasoline, and housing. Perhaps some are even longing for a time not so long ago when inflation was little more than a relic from past Democrat administrations.

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