Trump rips ‘con man’ Bob Woodward and Gen. Milley: ‘I got us OUT of wars!’

President Trump is holding nothing back in his newest remarks about Bob Woodward, a journalist and critic of Trump, calling him a “longtime Con Man” and slamming Woodward’s latest “book of fiction,” a supposedly non-fiction book called “Peril,” which makes wild claims about Trump’s time in the White House.

Trump slammed Woodward: “Does anybody really believe that longtime Con Man Bob Woodward, and his lightweight lapdog Robert Costa, are implying in their book of fiction that I was planning to go to war with China, but that one of the dumber generals in the military called the Chinese to tell them that he will inform them if this action proceeds further.” 

The “dumber” general that Trump is referring to is Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who admitted in September to making phone calls to China behind President Trump’s back during Trump’s time in the White House, promising to “warn” them if Trump had decided to attack them.

“Milley may have called,” Trump continued in his statement, “but if so, he should be tried for treason. I never had even a thought of going to war with China, other than the war I was winning, which was one TRADE.” 

The 45th president slammed Gen. Milley over the summer when the story about Milley’s phone call broke in Woodward’s book, “Peril.”

“The way I look at Milley,” Trump said, “he’s just a better politician than a general, trying to curry favor with the Radical Left and the absolute crazy people espousing a philosophy which will destroy our country.”

Woodward’s book specifically focuses on the political transition from President Donald Trump to the Biden administration. In a September interview with CNN, Woodward stated that he titled the book “Peril” because he believes that Trump will run again.

“That’s why the peril remains,” he said. Of course, for many Americans, the prospect of Trump running for president again in 2024 would be a welcome announcement, given the ravaged economic state of America, from rising inflation to woefully unsecured borders, thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies and tyrannical attempts to implement nationwide vaccine mandates. 

Additionally, Trump decried the audacity of Woodward’s claims, pointing out that during his presidency, America never got into any new wars.

He continued: “To make up stories like this [about starting wars with China]  and to sell it to the public is disgraceful. I watched that craggy smug face of Woodward as he ‘bullshits’ the public and said to myself, ‘I wonder if history will really believe this stuff?’ How do you get your reputation back? I was the only President in decades to not get us into a war—I got us out of wars!” 

Going into the holiday season, Americans are no doubt realizing that the “peril” the United States is suffering from at this moment is coming largely from hyperinflation and a supply chain crisis, as well as the economic stagnation and job loss that many are facing thanks to Biden’s insistence on mandating the Covid-19 shots for federal employees, medical workers, and even American soldiers.

“Our Country has been taken over by Scammers and Hoaxsters, and we have to take it back,” Trump concluded in his statement. “We no longer talk about greatness for our Country, everything is about political investigations, hoaxes, and scams. We will Make America Great Again!” For many Americans today, making America “great again” would be a dream come true.

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