Trump rips ‘rigged’ election: ‘Our country will not survive this’

President Donald Trump hammered election fraud in a series of interviews this week where he expressed urgent concerns for the future of the United States if lawmakers do nothing about “rigged” elections.

“When you cheat on elections, you don’t have to destroy the country,” Trump said about the Democrat Party during a Tuesday interview with OANN. “They’re destroying our country.”

“Our country will not survive this,” he warned.

Since the 2020 election, only a few Republican-led states, such as Florida, have implemented legislation to guarantee election integrity. Most states where much of the alleged cheating happened have yet to be successful in passing bills to secure America’s elections.

Despite the media’s incessant attempts at covering up voter irregularities in the 2020 election, the “people get it,” Trump added with confidence. “Ultimately, the people get it. I got 75 million votes… I had the media against me…I had the vicious Democrats, the communists, socialists, call ’em whatever the hell they are where they’ll impeach you if you sneeze…and I had Big Tech against me.”

“I got 75 million votes, more than any sitting president’s ever gotten,” the 45th president reminded. “[Joe Biden] didn’t get 81 million votes.”

“It was a Rigged Election, and I’ll say it loudly.” Trump said, according to his spokesperson Liz Harrington. “I just speak the truth.”

A poll published by Rasmussen Reports earlier this year suggests that election integrity remains an urgent concern for most voters. In fact, an average 51 percent of likely voters who took the survey indicated they agree that cheating may have determined who became president.

74 percent of Republican likely voters indicated they believe that fraud impacted the 2020 election results. While Democrats polled much lower, a surprising 30 percent of them agreed.

If legislators do not work to secure future elections, the results of the 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential election hang in the balance.

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