Trump says America should be ‘shouting angrily at Joe Biden’: ‘YOU’RE FIRED’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump laid it out on Saturday in the great state of Georgia, where thousands of Americans filled a venue to hear their favorite president speak on the heels of a hot-streak of big victories on Super Tuesday.

The president opened his remarks at the “Get Out the Vote Rally” by thanking the “millions” of people who had contributed to the wins on Super Tuesday, which have all but guaranteed his position as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Trump flamed Joe Biden for his recent State of the Union address, noting that it was an “angry” speech that was filled with “hate.”

President Trump explained, “Joe Biden should not be shouting angrily at America, America should be shouting angrily at Joe Biden and we should be saying CROOKED JOE, YOU’RE FIRED, GET OUT OF HERE, YOU’RE FIRED, YOU’RE INCOMPETENT!”

The crowd burst into applause and cheers as he said this.

“You’re DESTROYING our country, Joe!” Trump continued. “…He doesn’t have a clue, he doesn’t even know.”

The president also foreshadowed a future win in the great state of Georgia. “With your help, we’re going to WIN the state of Georgia in an EPIC LANDSLIDE,” he added.

He explained that he had won the state “twice,” during his previous runs. Trump concluded, “But there has never been SPIRIT that I have seen this time.”

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