Trump says ex-lawyer Michael Cohen should be ‘indicted for all the lies that he told’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump didn’t mince words when it came to sharing his thoughts on disgraced ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, whom the president said should be “indicted for all the lies that he told.”

Cohen, who formerly worked for Trump, was convicted in 2018 of making false statements to a financial institution, tax evasion, and campaign finance violations, via Fox News. He recently resurfaced in New York in relation to the ongoing Stormy Daniels case, which has been resuscitated by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.  

Trump spoke about the Manhattan DA’s investigation on Saturday evening in Waco, Texas.

“I have no idea what’s going to happen,” Trump told the press on Saturday. “But I can tell you that they have no case, so I think…I think they’ve already dropped the case, from what I understand. I think it’s been dropped. But I believe that if anything ever happened with the case that’s a fake case – it’s a fake case. They have absolutely nothing. They have it in reverse. They should indict Michael Cohen for all the lies that he told.  And, they may not do that. But that’s what should happen.”

According to Fox News, former Trump lawyer Robert Castello recently testified before the Grand Jury in Manhattan DA’s case and called Cohen a “serial liar.”

Per the outlet, Costello even requested to meet with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg personally: “I wanted him to look me in the eye and assess my credibility. Did I have more credibility than Michael Cohen? Because Michael Cohen, in my opinion, was lying about just about everything.”

As reported by RSBN, Trump has roasted Cohen in the past, labeling him as a “Fake Storyteller,” and “felon.”

On Saturday, Trump told the press that he was not “frustrated” by the ongoing investigation, labeling any suggestions that he was upset with the ceaseless weaponization as “Fake News.”

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