Trump says ‘if the election were held today,’ he’d WIN ‘in an absolute landslide’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump highlighted his powerful dominance in the polls on Thursday in a video posted to Truth Social, getting a head start on the 2024 campaign trail.

“The campaign is off to a GREAT START and we’re leading BIG in all the polls – every one of them!” Trump said. “Nationally, we’re ahead by massive margins – twenty, thirty points, even more than that, and no one else is even close. That means Republicans and Democrats.”

He continued, “In one of the most recent national surveys, we had a 35-point lead over the rest of the field, with everyone else trailing far behind. That’s a Republican poll.”

Trump was referring to the January primary poll from Premise Data, which conducted a survey among 2,228 Americans last month, per RSBN. Their survey found that 59 percent of Republicans preferred President Trump as the 2024 presidential nominee for the Republican Party, compared to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who netted 24 percent.

Trump was also leading by wide margins in a recent Morning Consult 2024 GOP Primary Tracker, placing him with 48 percent of support to DeSantis’s 31 percent. Amid a field of potential candidates, DeSantis and Trump are the only two Republicans who have managed double digits in any poll so far. Trump has also consistently maintained his dominant position.

Trump went on in his video update, “I just got back from a fantastic trip to New Hampshire and South Carolina and there was incredible spirit and support – maybe like I’ve never seen before. And that has to do with me, and that has to do with my administration, and the great job we did. But maybe, more importantly than anything, it has to do with the horrible job that has befallen our country. We’ve never seen anything like it.”

He concluded, “If the election were held today, there is ZERO doubt that we would win in an absolute landslide – and that’s the way it should be because our country is going to hell, and we’re going to turn it back into greatness for America.”

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