Trump says nearly 70,000 Americans attended mega Trump rally in Alabama

President Donald Trump is attracting more Americans than ever to his massive MAGA rallies, signaling strength in the conservative movement amid the Biden administration’s disastrous policies and endless crises.

Liz Harrington, a spokeswoman for Trump, revealed that his rally in Cullman, Alabama on Saturday reportedly boasted an enormous crowd of 68,000 supporters. Americans traveled to the “Heart of Dixie” from all across the country and stood in hours of severe weather to hear President Trump speak regarding the current state of affairs.

“President Trump says 68,000 people attended the Cullman, Alabama rally (in the rain!) Our movement is stronger than ever before!” said Harrington on Wednesday.

Along with the incredible number of Trump supporters who flocked to Alabama to hear from the 45th president in person, RSBN boasted impressive online viewership in the millions.

While RSBN viewership on Rumble is always at least equal to YouTube’s during rallies, viewers on Rumble have been vastly outperforming the Google-owned video platform.

Before President Trump even took the stage in Cullman, 308,511 concurrent viewers were tuned into RSBN’s rally livestream on Rumble alone. That’s not to mention how many viewed the rally live during his remarks. It is estimated that a total of at least three million, if not more, watched President Trump’s remarks on Saturday night.

On YouTube, 174,845 peak concurrent viewers tuned into RSBN during the rally, with a whopping total view count of 1,693,467.

The tremendous attendance and viewership of President Trump’s rally in Alabama on Saturday night is proof that his message still resonates with the American people regardless of the media’s smear campaigns and the left’s relentless attacks. As Harrington said, the America First movement is currently “stronger than ever before.” And it appears to only be growing from here as Biden’s policies continue to desperately fail the American people.

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