Trump says paper ballots, same-day voting, and voter ID would ‘straighten out’ elections

Laying out how he would curb voter fraud and achieve election integrity, President Donald Trump in an interview last week suggested that using paper ballots, same-day in-person voting, and voter ID would “straighten out your elections.”

Trump told Breitbart that states should “ditch” electronic voting systems and return to paper ballots and same-day in-person voting. The 45th president believes going back to manual voting and ballot tallying would prevent voter irregularities like those seen in the 2020 election.

“Frankly, going to paper ballots is better than anything you can do — paper ballots. Going to paper ballots. You know, Canada uses paper ballots. I think going to paper ballots would be the best thing if you want to have accurate elections. Countries that do paper ballots — solidly watched paper ballots — those are the ones that work,” he explained to the outlet.

Slamming the practice of using mail-in ballots, which leaves votes vulnerable to being early manipulated, stolen, and hidden, Trump said it must be stopped except for “military and overseas or very sick people.”

“And stop the mail-in ballots unless it’s for military and overseas or very sick people, people that just can’t vote — and they have to have some kind of a real excuse. I think paper ballots, same-day voting would be great. Those things, you’d straighten out your elections,” he continued.

After widespread voter fraud accusations swept the United States in 2020, Canada confirmed that they do in fact use paper ballots instead of electronic voting systems.

Trump was also asked about his thoughts on a new national election effort called True the Vote which promotes slogans such as “trust but verify” and “work for integrity.” This organization has been investigating a possible GPS signal that they claim shows ballot traffickers in swing states across the country. Trump went on to comment it’s a “big deal.”

The 45th president had lots to say about the new Texas voting bills that will be signed into law sometime this week, “Texas’s new law is strong. Georgia’s new law is not strong because the governor of Georgia didn’t want it to be strong. It’s better than it was, but it’s not strong.”

This interview came just a day after Texas Republicans were able to secure a victory for election security and integrity statewide.

Trump stressed in his interview that the most important issue for Republicans is the voter fraud in 2020. “You’ll never get to 2024, you’ll never get to 2022,” if elections are not straightened out, Trump said. He continued to criticize the mainstream, establishment media for not reporting on the audits that are occurring around the nation.

To read more of Right Side Broadcasting Network’s coverage on ongoing efforts regarding election audits, click here.

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