Trump scorches Nikki Haley as a candidate of ‘Wall Street’ and the ‘war machine’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump went after former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for her establishment roots and her connection to the bloodthirsty establishment “war machine.”

“Nikki Haley may have started her career in South Carolina, but she’s now 100 percent a candidate of Wall Street and the war machine,” he declared.

The president’s comments were made on Saturday afternoon in Conway, South Carolina, at a “Get Out the Vote” rally at Coastal Carolina University. The event was well-attended and maxed out, with countless supporters waiting outside in the overflow, where Trump even addressed them before his main speech.

In the Palmetto State, Trump is leading Nikki Haley by 37 points, according to Morning Consult‘s latest primary data. The primary election in the state is scheduled for February 24.

President Trump referred to Haley as “Tricky Nikki” during his speech and denounced her for breaking her promise on not to run in the GOP presidential primary if Trump himself was in the race.

He also explained that he pulled Haley in to be a U.N. Ambassador during his administration simply because, “I wanted to take your lieutenant governor and make him governor – that’s what I wanted!”

He was referring to now-South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R).

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