by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump took a shot at Joe Biden on Saturday in Conway, South Carolina at a packed-out “Get Out the Vote” rally, lambasting him for being “mentally incompetent” and scorching him for leading America’s freefall decline.

“The REAL problem facing our country is not Joe Biden’s decline – the real problem is that Joe Biden is causing AMERICA’S DECLINE,” he told the crowd.

President Trump noted that Biden got off “scot-free” in his classified documents case in the past week, although he noted that Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report essentially concluded that Biden “was a mental basket case.”

This drew laughter from the crowd.

Trump also stated that he was wasn’t after “revenge,” in 2024 or 2025, but noted that his own legal battles is nothing more than “selective persecution, not prosecution, PERSECUTION.”

He promised that as president, “I will have no higher priority than cleaning up this rot,” and restoring “rule of law.”

At one point, the crowd broke out into chants of “F*** JOE BIDEN.”

“What Crooked Joe is doing to our border is a crime against our nation,” Trump stated, deriding the horrific open border crisis that has been left totally unaddressed under Biden’s leadership.

“As your president, I put America first EVERY SINGLE TIME AND EVERY NIGHT,” Trump concluded, drawing the contrast between himself and Biden.

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